What is the best email signature?

What is the best email signature solution for your webmail – Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo?

Every email you send can mean more business. A marketing plan should drive customers to your website, reinforce your brand and encourage continued contact. Everyone you email can have one-click access to your website, Facebook or Twitter account, and contact information. Your email signature can be a powerful marketing tool that brands your business with your logo and tagline. Being able to connect with your social networking sites is just another way for your contacts to keep in touch.

A professional email signature can now be easily inserted automatically into your emails due to Sigwich. Sigwich has an easy-to-use format and a preview that allows you to instantly see the signature of email that your contacts will see at the end of your emails.

In your signature for email you can include a customized salutation, your name, company name, website link, email address, telephone numbers, and physical address and more. One of the most powerful features is the ability to add over 40 social network icons to give your email recipients a chance to stay connected on a regular basis. With just a click you can add all of the places that your contacts can see you online.

All marketing material adds to your brand identity, including emails. Being able to add your tagline and logo to your emailsignature keeps your image consistent in the minds of your customer. The more your contacts see your brand the more likely they are to remember you when they need a product or service that you provide.
Sigwich is designed to work with the major email providers including Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail. It can also be easily used with Outlook software. In addition it integrates with the major browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

You can create a free Sigwich account and create a customized signature of email in just moments. A preview of your signature will let you see exactly how it will appear in your future emails. Once you have the perfect signature designed then you simply save it and download it to your computer. When you open your email program the signature for email will automatically be inserted into each email.

Spending just a few minutes creating your emailsignature, can result in effortless marketing. Your marketing message goes out to all of your contacts without having to think about it each time. Sigwich’s simple format makes it easy to change your signature to highlight current happenings in your business.

Sigwich is the best option adding email signatures. It is easy to use, consistent, and flexible. You get all of this for free. Tapping into one of the most underused forms of marketing, signatures for email, is one way you can increase business effortlessly.